Invasion from Syria: Dr. Quien’s Blog Number 1

Fuengirola taken over by people from Syria and Lebanon.

Today we have an exclusive report from 707 B.C. brought to you by the fake news Fuengirola Times, time traveling correspondent, Dr Quien.  It concerns the occupation of Fuengirola by people from Syria and Lebanon known as the ‘Phoenicians’. 

Today in a dramatic move the Traders and Warriors from Syria and Lebanon, who have been traveling between the new cities of Malaga and Cadiz for decades, have announced that they will be making a settlement right here.   It will be called Sylas, the name they say, means the one who will come in future.   

A celebration banquet given by the Phoenicians and attended by dignitaries from Malaga and Cadiz along with representatives of the local tribes who had recently signed a trade agreement.  Wine flowed and the tables protested under the weight of the food with around a hundred people listening to speeches followed by dancing and music.  

In the first speech the Chieftain of the local tribes welcomed the Phoenicians, apologized to their army and agreed that it would be best for everyone if they worked together in future.  He thanked them for bringing the new mining methods to extract iron and bronze and for choosing this location as the port for the vast inland mining operations.  Finally, he thanked them for introducing the vine from Syria and welcomed the ambitious plan to plant the entire south facing slope of the mountain with them.  

Then the Chief of the Phoenician’s army gave a speech, he started by apologising for the number of resistors killed over a slow process of intrusion.  “We had to be ready so that when the time came that the Empire needed this location, we would be welcomed.”  He pointed out that this location was strategic for his bosses in Tyre and Sidon and like it or not, will never be the same again.  “This huge rock plato at the mouth of the river will be an amazing place to build a castle from which we can view the entire Western Mediterranean”.  

Finally, the  Phoenician minister for overseas trade made a speech in which he praised the location.  “The bay by the Castle has a natural harbour that allows ships, on the coastal route, to shelter from storms and stop to trade.  On the road, it is a natural stopover at the halfway point between Malaga and Marbella, each around 8 hours walk or half that on a horse. The sea in front of the town is a rich breeding ground for fish, the rich fertile plain with 5 rivers running through it makes it the perfect place to farm and settle.  Bronze, iron and silver extracted from the interior would make Sylas a new and exciting town of trade, food and accommodation“  To rapturous applause, he said that “today the foundation stones of a new and impenetrable castle will continue to support it in 3,000 years.”