Dr Quien’s Blog

Who is Dr. Quien?

These stories are brought to you by Dr. Quien, a time-travelling amateur journalist currently on a mission to report on three thousand years of the history of the location of Fuengirola. The mission should take about a year but could take longer, you can expect a report every 2 or 3 weeks, updates will be posted to The Fuengirola Revisited FaceBook Page.

His work is his gift to mankind and involves visiting the area that is now Fuengirola and sending reports to publish in a local newspaper.

Dr. Quien’s vehicle for traveling through time is styled as a small white fishing boat with a blue canvas stretched across the top, parked on the beach in front of the Hotel Yaramar.  From the outside, it looks like any of the other boats, but if you were able to enter it you will find a vast and luxurious interior similar to that of the largest yachts found in Puerto banus. It could be described as a nautical Tardis.

Dr. Quien came into existence at another point in the space-time continuum (it’s complex) and at some stage applied to be a ‘Time Lord’. The apprenticeship for this can take centuries and contains many tasks, such as this particular investigation of a location through time. The task itself originated while Dr. Quien was studying history (a core subject for time lords) and found an ebook called, ‘Fuengirola Revisited’, by Patrick H Meehan, first published in 2021. The idea of studying history on a location through time was not new, but this was the first time it had been done in Fuengirola. Dr. Quien made an application to use a time machine and follow the historic journey recorded in this book, the rest, is or will become history!

Aiming to complete an imaginative and useful task, Dr. Quien decided to write news reports for use in the era in which Fuengirola Revisited was written. He studied the journalistic style in what was known to be the height of the fake news era and concluded that his reports would be believed and appreciated. It would be easy for people to decide if this is a genuine story from a time traveller, or just another drop in the ocean of fake news. Either way, it is intended to give some idea of the rich and amazing history of Fuengirola and of course persuade more people to read the book ‘Fuengirola Revisited’ enjoy! 

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